Monday, July 4, 2011

Rally for Life in Dublin has large turnout.

On Saturday 2nd July, thousands of people (myself included) joined in the Rally for Life that took place in Dublin. It seemed to be very successful. In attendance were people from all ages and all corners of Ireland . There were many young families there as well as many young and older people. Priests and even a Bishop attended. There was a great athmosphere and it was enjoyed by those who particapated. Many at the sides of the streets the rally passed along gladly accepted and displayed pro-life signs and stickers.
About a hundred pro-choice protesters tried to counter the march outside the GPO with some using vulgar signs. I, myself, assisted in carrying a giant banner and packets of condoms were thrown at us and onto the banner by these ones. These were tossed off straight away, but their actions speak for themselves. Others tried to hand their own literature to people in the rally claiming to be in the right. The organisers estimated that between 7-8,000 people took part, however others there believed the true figure to be closer to 5,000.
Media coverage was very poor with those who did show it putting the rally in a negative light. RTE barely covered it, they underestimated the attendance putting it at 2,000 and gave uneven coverage in favour the other, pro-choice side. Some newspapers reported it but used language that sought to cast it in a negative light.

Here are some images taken at the rally:


  1. It was a great day. It was a great event.I was at it too with friends. It was full of colour and life was celebrated. It was positive to see Irish people and other nationalities together as a big family for life.

  2. I put the video of rally in Dublin on my blog.The link is