Thursday, February 11, 2010

9/11: Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings!

Here is different footage from news stations on the day which raises questions as to what really happened.


  1. There are a few people in this video who comment on how the collapse of the towers was like a controlled demolition. Most comment on hearing other explosions after the planes hit. Many say there is other bombs inside or their description matches what a bomb could cause.

    The Twin Towers were brought down by explosive charges inside the buildings, which many people know were planted there purposely by those in charge. It was not as a result of a terrorist attack.

  2. You probably are aware of this interview with Bishop Richard Williamson.

    "You are also well known for raising subjects that the more faint-hearted find controversial. Unanswered questions and incredible inconsistencies surrounding the official 9/11 story might serve as an example. Why is it important that a Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church instructs the faithful about such matters?

    His Lordship
    In a world that refuses grace and finishes by wrecking nature, which is a just punishment from God for its apostasy, Satan, the Father of Lies, takes over. We live today in a world of lies, governed by lies.

    Now, for anybody to say that lies do not matter is extremely short-sighted. Our Lord said, the truth will make us free. Does it not follow that lies will enslave us? Does slavery not matter? Also, Satan is bringing on, and working towards, the Antichrist. If agents of the Antichrist are at work, is it not a religious question?

    9/11 was a gigantic fraud, a lie which changed the mentality of people all over the world, making them ready to give up a number of their freedoms, i.e. accept slavery, in exchange for security from the "terrorists". What terrorists? The terrorists of those secret agencies which, working under cover, demolished by explosives from within the Twin Towers and fired a guided missile at the Pentagon?

    The perpetrators of the 9/11 inside job succeeded overnight in largely enslaving the world population's minds to their false globalist vision: "terrorism" is a global threat requiring global co-ordination and global government in the New World Order -- to prepare the world for living under the Antichrist.

    If Catholics will not see either that 9/11, for instance, was an inside job, or that it is a religious question, it seems to me that they have an inadequate grasp of how much their religion embraces. Bishops have no business involving themselves in politics as such, but when "politics" interfere with the salvation of souls, then "politics" are trespassing outside their proper domain, and they make themselves the business of a bishop.

    The problem is that "politics" in a godless society, like ours today, are liable to become a substitute religion, an idolatry, an unnamed but real breaking of the First Commandment. People's idea of the good life is reduced to the puny goods that their "politics" can assure. This assurance is on the brink of undergoing an enormous correction !"