Saturday, November 14, 2009

Our Sad Times: Irish Bishop questions ban on women priests


Bishop of Killaloe Willie Walsh has questioned the right of women to be ordained - challenging the papal ban.

Bishop Walsh - who'll celebrate 50 years as a bishop this year - expressed sadness at the Church's exclusion of homosexuals and divorcees.

He also challenged a lesser Vatican rule which refuses the Eucharist to Protestants.

Bishop Walsh was addressing the Association of European Journalists in Dublin last night where he said Ireland's Catholic bishops 'owe a debt of gratitude to journalists for investigating and exposing' the abuse scandals highlighted in the Ryan report.

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  1. This shows the sad and true state of the current Irish hierarchy, willing to forego Catholic teachings and traditions in order to pander to these kind of people, who refuse to change their ways. This bishop is wrong in his actions by expressing these opinions which are against the Catholic Faith.